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Health Care
HealthCare Challenges
Healthcare and the word crisis have become synonymous.Some of the key factors influencing this assessment are:
Bullet points Rising costs of services.
Bullet points Poor quality of services.
Bullet points Inadequate choices or access.
Bullet points Attracting and retaining talented Healthcare workforce
Bullet points Complying with ever stringent regulations
As Thomas L. Friedman of The New York times aptly states "The World is flat" and globalization, new technologies, higher expectations, the threat of pandemic diseases and demographic changes will challenge the current status of Healthcare industry. The immediate need is to create an ecosystem of connected personal health and fitness products and services, making it possible for patients, caregivers and health care providers to more proactively address ongoing health care needs
Life Sciences Challenges
Some of the key challenges that these sectors face are:
Bullet points Improve Research and Development Efficiency
Bullet points Increase Customer-centricity and
Bullet points Improve Product Quality and Compliance
Bullet points Safe guarding data and information is critical!
Life science companies have unique technical challenges such as the need for more comprehensive data integration solutions, better technical collaboration and stronger knowledge management capabilities.