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Health Care
SSG Healthcare Practice has evolved over the last few Years from staff augmentation to Business Process Re-engineering. Today we have well over good number of Healthcare practice focused IT Consultants with a wealth of information ranging from Medicare / Medicaid Claims processing, HIPAA,NCPDP, HL7 to the latest trends and strategies to help improve the bottom line for our customer.
Today we service a wide range of healthcare customer ranging from Large Payer Organizations to Small Clinics. We do provide strategic Business Consulting services to the following health care Industry Customers:
Bullet Points Payers
Bullet Points Hospitals
Bullet Points Clinics
Bullet Points Physician Practice
Bullet Points Clearing Houses
Bullet Points Intermediaries
Bullet Points Pharmacies
Bullet Points Nursing Facilities
Healthcare Industry Accelerator Frameworks:
We have implemented several clearing houses, portals, HIPAA EDI Implementations and several custom Applications using J2EE and .NET Technologies. Based on all the experience gained by us over the past few years we have built several Accelerator Frameworks for increasing the speed at which business applications can be delivered to the Healthcare Industry. Most of these accelerators are focused on the SOA (Service Oriented Architectures) and Enterprise Bus Concepts with standard enablement techniques for Rapid development using Offsite Factories for Lowered Development Costs.
Some of these Accelerator Frameworks include the following:
Bullet Points J2EE Accelerator Framework for Healthcare Portals based on Java Server Faces Technology (JSF)
Some of the Portals that we support using this framework are as follows:
Bullet Points Provider Portals- Claims/Eligibility/Referrals/Authorizations Management
Bullet Points Broker Portals- Health Plans Configuration,Customizations,Sales & Marketing Functionality
Bullet Points Member Portals- Claims/Health Check Profile/Appointments/e-Prescriptions
Bullet Points Physician Portals- ePrescriptions,Proactive HealthCare Monitoring,Drug
Bullet Points Substitution,Electronic Health Record(EHR/PHR).
Bullet Points BPEL/SOA based Framework for Real-time Claims Processing Framework with Integrated Workflow/Content Management Capabilities
Bullet Points Provider/Physician Contracts Management System Framework
Bullet Points Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) based Revenue Cycle Management Framework for Accelerated Billing
Bullet Points National Provider Index (NPI)/Code Sets Management Framework
Bullet Points EHR Based Collaborative Healthcare Framework for Reducing the costs across the Supply chain and improving the Quality of care being provided to the Patient/Member
Healthcare Industry Services offered by SSG:
SSG has tremendous experience in providing Systems Integration Services in the following areas:
Bullet Points Architectural Services
Bullet Points Staff Augmentation
Bullet Points Custom Application Development
Bullet Points Application Software Maintenance
Content Management
HL7/HIPAA based Integrations
Business Integration/EAI
.NET/J2EE eBusiness
Testing Services
Bullet Points Back End Application Development/Customization:
Bullet Points KPO - Knowledge Process Outsourcing - The next evolution of BPO (Business Process Outsourcing)
Claims Processing/Data Entry
Bill Processing/Collection/Payment Processing Services
HR Hiring Process Outsourcing
IT Vendor Management
Life sciences
Today Life-sciences are differentiated based on their ability to expedite drug development process and their ability to cut the costs of clinical trials.

SSG understands criticality of Clinical data management, in a clinical trials process and the need to ensure regulatory compliance and controlling the cost associated with managing the clinical trial data. SSG therefore brings together its best team to meet Life-Sciences organizations needs in process optimization and business process support services to provide a complete array of solutions and services in clinical data management space.
Our Life Sciences Practice applies considerable industry, business, and technology know-how to help life sciences companies by:
Bullet Points Optimizing IT governance and application architectures to address critical business issues and meet corporate objectives
Bullet Points Responding effectively to rising consumerism
Bullet Points Engaging and educating consumers and customers
Bullet Points Enabling customer-facing processes with technology to provide a competitive edge
Bullet Points Supporting automation of clinical trial processes and improving data capture
Bullet Points Creating a sustainable approach to risk-based compliance management
Bullet Points Increasing levels of innovation
Bullet Points Developing collaborative tools and techniques to increase research productivity during drug discovery
Pharmacy Benefits Management (PBM):
SSG is unique in the Health Care/Pharmacy Solutions industry and our Pharmacy Management System automates most pharmacy functions, frees staff time, reduces labor costs and enables you to operate more efficiently. We provide Reliable, Scaleable, and Distributed Solutions to Pharmacy Industry.
Prescription Processing
Processes prescriptions with speed and accuracy and enables you to dispense the drug within a few minutes from the time you have received the order. Workflow allows you to route the order to our Business Services team for
Bullet Points Order Entry
Bullet Points Format for Rx Printing
Bullet Points Pharmacist Review & Verification
Bullet Points Checks for completeness and accuracy
MAR Entry & Reporting Services
SSG Pharmacy Management System facilitates generation of Medication Administration Record and supports
documentation of all medication administration activities.
Bullet Points Medical Records Entry
Bullet Points Pharmacist Verification
Bullet Points Generation of MAR Reports
Billing Management
Our Pharmacy Management System has an integrated powerful Billing Management Solution that streamlines prescription billing
procedures and ensures improved collections.
Bullet Points Claims Submission & Error Processing
Bullet Points Monitor for timely Payment
Bullet Points Post Payment
Bullet Points Reduced Processing Time
Bullet Points Enhanced Quality of Rx Orders & Medical Records
Bullet Points Decreased Capital Expenditures
Bullet Points Costs associated with personnel involved in order entry, medical records entry & billing & collections
Bullet Points Pharmacies will experience an almost-instant increase in bottom-line profit!