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Key Value Creation:
New and Innovative Initiatives have been launched to achieve more than one of the three key value creation objectives:
Bullet Points Reducing Costs
Bullet Points Increasing Revenue
Bullet Points Retaining Customers
Desired strategic results can only be achieved by firms' investments in performance improvement by adopting an integrated approach to value creation.
Banking solution models deliver complicated, integrated, products while effectively managing internal and regulatory risk. These solutions that can help transform your existing core banking operations. We provide the expertise and assets to help integrate and transform your systems, whether you are refreshing your legacy systems, or replacing individual modules or the entire core banking system.
Bullet Points Deliver targeted products and services quickly by dynamically responding to internal or external changes.
Bullet Points Help reduce IT maintenance costs by streamlining core processes.
Bullet Points Support changing regulatory requirements
Integrating sales with service in financial services customer care centers (CCC)
No longer is customer care regarded solely as a necessary cost of doing business. Executives are becoming savvy to CCCs' previously untapped potential to boost revenue while broadening and strengthening customer relationships
Straight Through Processing (STP)
Enables the entire trade process for capital markets and payment transactions to be conducted electronically without the need for re-keying or manual intervention, subject to legal and regulatory restrictions. The concept has also been transferred into other asset classes including trading and banking. The goal is to minimize settlement risk for the execution of a trade and its settlement and clearing to occur simultaneously.
There are several drivers that are forcing the entire industry to adopt STP. These driving forces are also the key benefits of STP:
EAI and B2Bi
Straight Through processing encompasses both enterprise application integration (EAI) and business-to-business application integration (B2Bi). This relates to the trade and settlement processes that are internal to an industry participant. B2Bi is about connecting seamlessly to all external partners in the trading and settlement process, including the industry-matching utilities such as RTTM, and Omgeo. The external partners include custodians, exchanges, clearing corporations, central security depositories and other information providers.
Business Process Management (BPM)
When fully realized, STP provides asset managers, broker/dealers, custodians, banks and other financial services players with tremendous benefits, including greatly shortened processing cycles, reduced settlement risk and lower operating costs. STP is being achieved with the emergence of business process interoperability.

Business process management (BPM) for STP would enable financial enterprises to automate and integrate the disparate internal and external corporate business processes. It will do so by supporting dynamic process topologies, which allow the boundary between processes and participants to be determined, either statically or dynamically on a real-time basis.